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NAMC Level up Session - Marketing 101

The subject of marketing can be exhausting and requires either a ton of time or money, and none of us want to waste either! We are business owners seeking to maximize our time, money and resources.

According to Forbes magazine, bad marketing accounts for 14% of business failures. It’s no secret that most small businesses are underfunded. So how do you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to marketing your business? In this month’s Level Up, industry leaders and business owners share insider info and strategies around improving marketing:

How do your customers find you?

How do you establish yourself as the expert for the job?

How do you effectively use social media for your business?

Panelists will share mistakes they’ve made or seen, and best practices.

Tell a friend or two and join us in a spirited discussion about the Do’s and Don’ts of Marketing.

See you there!

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